Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Football and the Power of Belief

I found this article this article kind of touching.

Maybe it's cause I'm a football fan.

I don't know if that's it though. I'm also a fan of the wrestling business and generally in the pro wrestling biz, we frown on deliberately splitting a crowd reaction.

I'm also not a big fan of religion in secular settings, and though it isn't explicitly stated in the article, I have a suspicion Grapevine is a fundamentalist school. Regardless, if you're going to hold an institution--religious or otherwise--responsible for its wrongs, I think you're honor-bound to give them points when they do good things as well. Otherwise you're just picking your spots.

And when you read it, you might think, so what?

Well, for me this is the what.

I've seen myself the power of believing in people. Working in the hospitals...answering the Distress Lines...even in comedy, wrestling, or even in your personal life...people will live up to the faith you have in them(*).

It seems like such a small thing, in some ways it seems like NOTHING, but it makes an enormous difference.

Little things have big impacts and belief does a lot of powerful good things. For the person being believed in...and also for the believer.

Happy Holidays, everybody.

(*) On the flip side, if you expect the worst from people, they are perfectly capable of living down to that too. I know which I prefer, but some folks enjoy being miserable and I while I don't understand it, it isn't my place to judge.

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