Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Uncle Diaries (Continued)

Walked into sister's backyard the other day to discover 3-year old nephew struggling to sweep up a giant spill of potting soil using a broom twice his height.

The first words out of his mouth: "Boy, I sure did make a mess."

Resignedly cleaning up messes of one's own devising using tools that feel ill-fitting, inadequate, and too large.

I've been there, kiddo.

Like Uncle, Like Nephew, I guess.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The UncleDiaries (Continued)

3 year old nephew is now 'cross-referencing' his dinosaurs. He looks them up in the index of one book (Dino-pedia)  and then tries to find the same dinosaur in another.

I sense a dissertation in his future. The only thing stopping his academic rise is his refusal to accept that the  word "June" does not conform to the same spelling laws that govern "moon," "soon," and "baboon."

Unlike bedtime, when it comes to spelling, rules are meant to be followed unswervingly. We live in a society here, people.

-He also peed on a tree. Prodigiously. There's no way a child that small can hold that much urine. It was like he was channeling urine from another dimension.

I like how physcial he is. When he's telling a story, he hops up and down with excitement or runs back and forth across the living room in between sentences.

In other news, the small nephew (14 months or so) can do the following: Kick his feet in his bath, make sounds that sound suspiciously like "uh oh" and "Quack"

As my sister once said: "accomplishments all around.