Friday, January 24, 2014

The Uncle Diaries (Continued)

Nephew is 2 and talking now. Some short notes.:

He figured out a few weekends ago that  'Uncle' is a title and not a name. He spent the next five minutes experimenting with 'Uncle Daddy,' 'Uncle Grandma,' and 'Uncle Auntie Christina.' Yesterday he tried "Grandpa Uncle Gramma Dan."

*  *  *

He's also started parroting my exclamations of shock like "Holy Dinah!" "Oh, MAAAN," and "Great Scott!" My favorite was the Holy Cow episode, well, because...

ME: Holy Cow!
NEPHEW: Holy cow! Holy Cow! *long pause while he thinks about it* Holy Horse! Holy Chicken! Holy Cat! Holy Dragon!

He's a clever one.

*  *  *
My sister told me this story.

NEPHEW: Momma happy?
SISTER: Yes, Momma's happy. Is Sam happy?
NEPHEW: Sam not happy. Sam FUNNY!

If my nephew would rather be funny than happy, I have a feeling he'll do well in a stand-up comedy.

The Red Deer Legion beckons, blood of my blood. The Red Deer Legion beckons.