Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Slices Of Dan's Life and A Couple Of Links


I wanted to write an extended blog post about the OSCW afterparty on Saturday which included drinking, dancing, women, overloaded vehicles, missing wrestlers, Transformers: the Animated Movie quotes, getting pictures taken with random drunk strangers, and the most unconvincing declaration of fidelity ever(*).

Too much happened. You'll have to settle for this moment, which was representative of the evening.

A bunch of the wrestlers and I are wedged in one of the Sanchez brothers' car following Boris' vehicle to our next destination. I unwisely have my backpack with me instead of in the trunk and it is wedged under my chin and into the side of Mentallo's face.

MENTALLO: What's in that thing anyway that you need it with you--the fifteen thousand dollars from the Big John Studd Bodyslam Challenge?
BORIS: Hey, if I'm in here with you guys, who the F*** is driving my car?


I am giving Bastet a backrub.

BASTET: You know you've gotten a lot better at giving back rubs over the past few months. Have you been practicing?

Dan's brain immediately flashes back to being locked in a community hall bathroom rubbing fake tan lotion on Heavy Metal's back at the past few OSCW shows.


DAN: I don't know, sweetie. It must be just because of how much I love you.

I'm performing comedy at the Rouge Lounge tonight on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton. If you have the night free, come on down.


For those of you interested in women's issues, here are a couple links I posted on my Facebook page today. One is from Poetry of Flesh on why she isn't a feminist. The second one is on why women have a hard time trusting men.

(*) "Overall, I've been pretty faithful to my wife." Put that on a 25th annivesary card, Hallmark.


Poetry of Flesh said...

It always catches me off guard when you do that. I like it, but it continues to surprise me that my misogynstic rants don't piss everyone and their mother off.

Dan_Brodribb said...

Well, it's early yet...

Poetry of Flesh said...

You're right. I should try harder.

ClpX said...

(laugh) I think you meant to link to the "hater" post, had me well confused for several paragraphs.

I read a few random posts and had a major laugh at you being towed home on rollerblades. :)

Good luck tonight!

Dan_Brodribb said...

Thanks for the correction...and for reading.

I still have those rollerblades.

After reading some of your posts, I kind of feel like digging them out.