Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scene From A Relationship: As You Wish

Dan and Bastet are concluding a rather tumutuous state-of-the-union discussion re: their relationship

DAN: Well, if you want to break up, I just want to make things as clean and easy for you as possible.
BASTET: I don't want breaking up with you to be clean and easy. I want it to be slow and lingering and painful.

A moment passes as Dan is bewildered into silence. Finally...

DAN: That also can be arranged.

Throw me down a hill and call me Westley.


Poetry of Flesh said...

...I cannot tell if I'm incredibly impressed and full of admiration for her or simply confused.

Confused admiration?

Dan_Brodribb said...

The Woman In Question issued the following clarification:

"I meant I would rather have a long and messy and painful relationship with you [That's me!--db] than a clean breakup"

Ah. Now I get it. To her, I simply say:

As You Wish.