Saturday, October 03, 2009


I'm not a joiner. Never have been.

Even with causes I believe in, I'm more attached to the work or the people than the organization. I'm too socially restless to identify with any one group. I get what I need, give what I can, and move on, looking for new experience.

Groups are interesting though.

I've reconnected with a group I've known for years over the last month. I met them long before I started doing comedy (*) or published any of my writing, let alone the Buddhism, wrestling, and salsa dancing. They're gamers (any kind of game--board, video, or live action role playing). They are intelligent, funny, unconventional folks, and anybody who follows my adventures how much I adore unconventional people.

The thing that's really interesting about this group though, is that though it doesn't have a name or is registered with the government or is even acknowledged in any way, in some ways the group is as important as any of the individual people in it. Members come and members go. Relationships change. But the group bond is stronger than anything. It's like a family, though few of them are blood relatives with one another.

One woman who was part of the group called it a Tribe.

I think she's exactly right.

I'm grateful for them. They've been a constant in my life through a lot of changes and I often forget how much I enjoy their company. Where I'm a wanderer and a nomad, they've found their people and they hold together. And while I'm not part of their tribe, they've always made me feel welcome.

So to them I say thank you, for giving me a warm fire to gather around for a little while before moving on alone into the dark.

(*) One of them told me last night at the party: "You even LOOK like a comedian now." I was awake all night trying to figure out what the hell THAT was supposed to mean.

Tuesday, October 6 - New City, Edmonton
Monday, October 12 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton

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Cori said...

J calls it the cult, although it's slightly less cult-like than it used to be.