Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miss Mercedes, Male Privilege & Today's Question

I'm happy to report that Miss Mercedes, a blogger focusing on relationship advice for women, used my blog post on Fear of Loss to inspire her own post.

Cool stuff. I'm flattered.

In other news, I've really been enjoying reading this article and the ensuing comments. Between the article, some conversations with Bastet and others over the weekend, and a couple incidents at the show last night, feminism and women's rights have been on my mind a lot over the last few days. I went so far as to start writing a blog post on it, but scrapped it when I realized I was two or three hundred words into it and nowhere close to anything resembling a point other than "My feelings on feminism are either way more complicated or way simpler than I would like to publicly admit."

Which brings us to today's question.

Does being ambivalent about something mean you should avoid it? Or does it mean that's the one thing you most need to address?

The answer to that question tells you a lot about a person.


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The Corwyn said...

Hi Dan,

First time reader AND commenter.

At the very least, ambivalence toward anything should be heartily examined, if only to confirm a or realize that you're just bullshitting yourself. So I think it should definitely be addressed.

Investigate, but do not engage.

Rock on man!


~ 1 Corwynthians 16:23

Poetry of Flesh said...

You would ask a question I'm ambivalent about. Gyah.

Miss Mercedes said...

I'm ambivalent about roast beef sandwiches...and I really don't think I need to look into it much further. ;-)

There are so many things in life that matter to us...things that grab our passion and our dreams. There is only so much time in life to look deeply into what is and what should be.

I say we spend our time on those passions and let those who are passionate about the things we are ambivalent about take it and run with it.


PS: I'm not even close to being ambivalent about the link and mention of my blog. Truly thankful! You're the BEST!