Thursday, October 30, 2008

RIP Ripper

Trevor Grimolfson, who was my broadcast partner hosting the TV show MPW Madness, passed away suddenly yesterday at 38 years old.

To say we were an odd couple would be an understatement--me, the stand-up comic/writer/internet nerd and him, a loud, larger-than-life tattoo-artist. But despite our different backgrounds, the Ripper and I always got along both professionally and personally. There were times we might have had TOO much fun; if there was a blooper reel of our tapings they would include some blown lines, some obscene jokes, and at one point--if memory serves me--a hip-hop battle.

Everyone who knew Trev has stories about his big heart. I remember him being a big part of Heavy Metal's eighteenth birthday party and making sure everyone got home safely. There were some more colorful stories as well, and the punchline to one of them "YOU BETTER GET SOME MORE GUYS!" became an oft-used catchphrase in the MPW locker room.

Trevor loved his family. He was generous to a fault and would got to any length to take care of his family, his friends and loved ones. I met Tash and Little T on many occasions and my heart goes out to them as well as the rest of his family and friends.

I fell out of touch with Trevor over the last year or so. The last time I saw him was a chance meeting in a karaoke bar, where in true Trevor fashion, he paid for my pizza and rapped out a Tupac song.

The circumstances around Trevor's passing are as controversial as the way he lived. I feel I should comment, but can't find it in myself to start passing judgement or laying blame for either the way he lived or the way he died.

I can say this though.

Heaven better get some more guys.

I miss you Trev.

ADDENDUM - Incidentally, if anybody has copies of the MPW Madness TV show, I'd love to have copies, since I don't have any of our television work. It would be a fitting way to remember the Ripper.)

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