Monday, October 06, 2008

Mental Health Awareness Week

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It's Mental Health Awareness Week.

Saw a cool show at the University this afternoon. David Granirer from Stand Up For Mental Health was in town to do a show. In addition to doing comedy and working as a counsellor, he also teaches stand-up to people with mental illnesses in Vancouver.

He showed clips of his students and they were quite technically sound as comedians.

Needless to say I found this fascinating. After all, I like teaching, I REALLY like comedy, and I have some interest in the mental health field from my experience volunteering on the Distress Line (Here's the link if you're interested in Distress Line volunteering in Edmonton).

Apparently Dave's students also are in demand to do shows all over the place, which is cool, although the thought that went through my head was, "No wonder it's so hard to find stage time in Vancouver."

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