Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Living Column is Up

Upcoming Comedy
Tuesday, October 14 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Tuesday, October 21 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton

Upcoming Living Columns in the Edmonton Journal
Friday, October 3
Current Living article is up here.

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The latest living column is up here. If it weren't for my inability to upload video auditions, I might be a reality show contestant right now.

In other news, my supervisor brought her one-year old into the office. He loves balls (Obvious joke here--"What guy doesn't?") whether it's stability balls or those round, paper Chinese decorations. "Ball" was even one of his first words.

If you're wondering why I'm bringing this up, it's because of this old column of mine re: putting the baby on the ball.

Clearly one of us was right and one of us was wrong. Although to be fair, I wouldn't have thought of it had she not told me not to do it (there's a lot of negatives in that last sentence. Sorry if it's confusing).

Yes, I AM gloating.

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