Friday, October 10, 2008

Dan's Underground Comedy Tour Comes Above-Ground

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Longtime readers might remember Dan's Underground Comedy Tour where I told jokes in the LRT station.

Just for fun, I decided to revisit the experiment, telling jokes in public.

It was not like riding a bike. It was tough to do again. I may have to make it a semi-regular part of my practice (yes, comedians DO practice--at least, I do) because I find I get so much out of it.

I did notice people were more inclined to stop and watch this time. Maybe it was the location; maybe it was the fact some of them were lower traffic areas and people are more likely to stop when there isn't a big crowd (If you took social psychology in university, you'll know why).

But I also think some of it is me. My stage presence has improved that people are more inclined to stop and pay attention. Heck, that's what stage presence is--being compelling enought that people want to watch you without changing the channel.

I'm not saying I have the greatest stage presence in the world.

But I'm making progress.

To me that's the thing that counts the most.

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