Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dan Hits A Car With A Hammer For Charity. It Was Fun

Here’s one more reason I love living in Edmonton.

I was walking through the quad at the University of Alberta when a guy called out to me: “Hey, man. Want to bust up a car for two dollars?”

I looked at him thoughtfully and said. “Can it be any car?”

Sadly, my car-busting-up options were limited to the Chrysler Le Baron set up on a tarp. For two dollars, I could hit it with either a baseball bat, or a small sledgehammer. The money raised went to the Kidney Foundation.

“The hammer does more damage,” the guy--whose name was Chris--told me. “But the bat feels way more satisfying.”

He was right on both counts.

New Living Article comes out this Friday (Oct 31). It's on Zombies, which is apropos, I think.

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