Wednesday, May 04, 2005


-Not much to report this week, except that I'll be posting the April headLINES on Friday night so you can enjoy them over a hearty breakfast on Saturday.

-I finished a couple of the columns that will start running in the Journal starting Sundays in the middle of May. I'm pleased to report, I'm quite happy with them so far (although really, were you expecting me to say otherwise?) I'm having quite the battle with writer's block on these columns, but I'm happy to report that the score is 3-0 in my favor so far, though these next couple weeks promise to be a bit stressful.

-I finished the galley edits for my short story "Glass Houses" which means that we're down to the wire on it. Check out for the publishing schedule of Cold Flesh, the anthology in which "Glass Houses" makes its humble debut.

-Finally, I got a chance to meet comic JOHN WING at a recent show. He's a very funny fellow and a fabulous singer/songwriter as well. He gave me some tips for a new joke I'm working on. I'm always blown away by how open and approachable most comedians are when it comes to helping out the new guys. I think this will really help the comedy industry thrive, and I hope you all come out to your local comedy clubs--because for us it's all about making you guys laugh.


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