Tuesday, May 24, 2005

comedy idol

The Comedy Idol website is up and running. at www.comedyidol.ca. Go have a look. You can finally see what all these guys I talk about look like. Come to a show while you're at it. The line-ups look great, so no matter which night or nights you come, you should be in for a entertaining show. Appearing tonight are: STEVE MCCARTHY, J.P. FOURNIER, ED WENDE, BRANDON FRANSON, FRANK SCHMOLKE, KRISSY STARK, and MIKE TREADWELL. Sadly, I won't be able to make the show. Personally, I'm pulling for Ed Wende, but I predict Steve and J.P. advance to the finals.

Go to the show tonight, or check out the website tomorrow and let me know how I did. Next week's show looks awesome and there's no way I'm missing it. In addition to the outrageously funny SEAN LECOMBER and always dependable TODD KREPAKEVICH, we'll see ANGIE ISMOND, who I think as much or more raw potential as anyone I've seen. DANNY ACAPELLA and his unique delivery will be there as well, plus BRIAN HEGGE (and his tweaker bit? We can only hold our breath and hope). JEFF NEESER and BARBARA MAY will round out the show. I'm not even going to try and predict winners...I'm just going to go and laugh myself into a coma.

If you never been to Blue Chicago on 142 street and Stony Plain road, you should drop by. In addition to live comedy every Monday (presented by the always enthusiastic KATHLEEN MCGEE) they have a great special on steak sandwiches. Yum!

I felt like a rock star after Sunday's Comic Strip show. Some of the other comedians and I went to Sherlock Holmes' Pub afterwards. Some of the audience members joined us and were buying drinks. I even got to entertain a couple of beautiful women, although to be honest, they only had eyes for ANDREW IWANYK. He's a heartbreaker, that one.

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