Monday, May 30, 2005

Updates, May 30

Upcoming Comedy Dates
Monday, May 30 - Blue Chicago (142 street and Stony Plain Road)
Sunday, June 5 - The Comic Strip
Tuesday, June 7 - Yuk Yuks (COMEDY IDOL
Saturday, June 18 - GiggleFest 2005 at Waugh Hall in Waugh, Alberta
Sunday, June 19 - The Comic Strip

-check out Dan Brodribb's headLINES every Saturday in the Edmonton Journal's ed magazine.
-Humor columns by Dan Brodribb will be running for the next four Sundays in the Journal's Living section

-Both "Kill N' Kleen" and "Choice/No Choice,"two movies in which I had supporting roles, premiered last Wednesday. I made it to Kill N' Kleen just as the show was ending. It was like a sea of punks--leather and piercings and colored hair everywhere. Awesome. God bless them for supporting local film. The fact it was a zombie flick didn't hurt. Watching the 990 Films guys and gals, I was thrilled for them. There's nothing more exciting than seeing people living their dreams. Upcoming projects from the 990 crew include a documentary on child prostitution, and they're also making tentative plans to film a second zombie film featuring a screenplay by...ME! Hooray!

-I also saw some fantastic wrestling at a local Monster Pro Wrestling card ( Not only did the wrestlers have some nice-looking moves and went out of their way to bring the fans into the action, the rest of the MPW crew was friendly and welcoming. If you like wrasslin,' I really encourage you to check them out. Last paragraph I said there's nothing like watching people doing something they love, and the Monster Pro Wrestling organization seems really passionate about what they do.

-Last Friday SEAN BAPTISTE arranged for himself, LARS CALLIEOU, and SHAWN GRAMIAK to do some comedy outside CBC radio downtown during lunch hour. Most comedy vets believe that doing comedy during the day, and in a mall, does not make for great shows, but the boys did a fine job. Afterwards, they were interviewed and Lars was kind enough to plug me and a few of the other local comics who were there (MARK SALAMANDICK, J.P. FOURNIER, and TRAVIS ROBINSON).

-Remember tomorrow's Comedy Idol show--I already talked about how much I'm looking forward to seeing tomorow's line-up. Look at last week's posting if you want the details. Either way, you should be there. For those of you wondering or who haven't looked at the schedule on the website (, yet, I'm up next week along with Mark, NAVIN PRATAP, KATHLEEN MCGEE, JONATHAN TAPLEY, JAMES WYNTERS, CECIL GARFIN, and RYAN PATERSON.

-I'll post April's headLINES next week. In the meantime, I'll be at Blue Chicago tonight if you want to come down and let me know what you think.

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