Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Weekly Update

Upcoming Comedy Gigs
Sunday, May 1--The Comic Strip (5 minute guest spot)
Tuesday, May 3 --Yuk Yuks (5 minute guest spot)

--The EDMONTON JOURNAL has agreed to run another series of my humor articles starting in mid-May. This will be a seven part series on the "Seven Sins of Highly Ineffective People." I'm polishing up the first two columns, and I'm very happy with the way they look so far.

--KILL N' KLEEN, an independent short film in which I play a zombie, is scheduled for a premiere on May 25th. They'll also be auctioning off some of the items used in the film and the profits will go to the Stollery Children's centere. I'll post details as I hear them.

--Every once and a while you see something that reminds you of why its so important to love what you do. For me, this happened on Sunday night watching DAVE ACER and RICKBRONSON on stage at the Comic Strip (www.thecomicstrip.ca). They were clearly having a great time up there, and anyone who saw it won't forget that show any time soon. Seeing them able to express the same joy I feel when I'm writing or onstage or acting was pretty inspirational. I'm probably not expressing these thoughts very well, but these aren't easy thoughts to express. It's something that has to be lived, not talked about.

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