Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Weekly Update


Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every Saturday in the Edmonton Journal's ed magazine.
On Sunday, the final column in a six-part series on 'Family Values' will run in the Journal's
Living section.
Sunday, April 17, The Comic Strip (5 min guest set)
Wednesday, April 20, Yuk Yuks (10 min. Extreme Comedy Challenge)
Tuesday, April 26, Yuk Yuks, (5 min. amateur spot)

-What a weekend. I saw CHRISTINA SCHMOLKE, a local singer-songwriter at The Melting Pot on Whyte Avenue. She's there most Saturdays; go see her. Her voice is awesome!

-Sunday, I popped in to SMOK'N JOES where the generous and talented SEAN THOMSON is running an open mic. A good time was had by all. ANDREW IWANYK demonstrated his unique way of playing Golden Tee, and then took us to Planet Iwanyk to 'Pet the Wolves'--whihc isn't as dirty as it sounds. Joe's is less than five blocks from West Ed. If you get a chance, drop in Sunday nights to support local comedy. And you never know who might show up.

-The crowd at Yuk Yuks was on fire (not literally--which is a good thing since SEAN 'Stop, drop, and Roll' LECOMBER (sp?)wasn't performing). Too many people had good sets to mention, but two people in particular seemed to really make the Leap. KATHLEEN MCGEE (sp--darn it, I need to confirm these spellings), who is relatively new to the scene, is starting to find her voice on stage, and KELLY DEKUS (sp--sigh) was probably fifty percent better than I've ever seen him before--and I've seen him lots.

--Anyway, the last article in my Living series is this week. If you liked it, let the JOURNAL know, and hopefully they'll have me back. Also I'm getting my dirty set ready for next week's competition. Hopefully, I can get on at Smok'n Joes on Sunday and get the new stuff off my tongue once before the big night. Hope to see you there.


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