Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lurch Needs A Blog

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Went to the bar last night to celebrate Heavy Metal's birthday. Unfortunately, Heavy Metal wasn't there.

These things happen.

Fortunately, Lurch was.

Lurch has magic powers at attracting women from bars...and equally magic powers of getting...shall we say, tripped up at the finish line by unlikely events(*) when it comes to closing the deal.

Lurch needs a blog. These stories must be told.

"I'm Sisyphus," Lurch moaned to me as he was recounting his latest misadventures. "I get the rock almost to the top of the hill and..."

I was too busy laughing to hear the rest of the sentence. Not to mention the fact my mind was reeling at a) hearing an allusion to Greek mythology in a country bar and b) that it came from Lurch--who is known more for punching people and yelling "Douchebag!" at random moments than his education in the classics.

If I ever edit these blog posts, I'm changing his name to Sisyphus.

Other random stuff. There was some kind of weird retro night going on which meant a lot of the people at the bar were wearing clothes that they thought was from the 70s, 80s, or 90s, but just looked like random crap they found in a dress-up box to me.

I, of course, fit right in thanks to my Transformers t-shirt. Which would have been cool, had I been TRYING to dress up but I was just wearing my everyday clothes.

The bouncers were wearing these tie-dyed shirts. Unfortunately, I had no idea they were doing this, so I spent the first half hour wondering where the staff was.

Finally, I saw Big Jess and Massive Damage, two wrestlers that work there dressed in their tie-dyed finery and I clued in to what was happening. You haven't lived until you've seen pro-wrestlers dressed in tie-dye. It's like looking at the world's most intimidating Grateful Dead fans.

(*)It may also be that his charm is irresistable, but also weirdly short-lived. Dawn described him thusly: "When I first met him, I thought he was really interesting and attractive, but after thirty minutes I wanted to run him over with my car."

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