Friday, February 29, 2008

Dan Gets Punk'd--And Updates

New Pair of Singles is up here.

New Living Article is up here.

My latest Living article involves my part-time office job. Here's another story from that same job.

At my office job, we have a program where we call back clients to evaluate the quality of our service. One of my co-workers (I'll call him WiseGuy) thought it would be hilarious to offer a callback to another co-worker who works downstairs. He also included in the notes a description of the woman using the word "special."

Enter Dan.

Not realizing it was a joke, I actually made the call. Here's how it went.

DAN: (talking extra-slowly for the 'special' client) Hi, this is Dan calling from...
SPECIAL: Hey, Dan. Great to hear from you.
DAN'S BRAIN: Boy, this woman's even more out to lunch than I thought. She thinks she knows me.
DAN: Anyway, we wanted to check in on...
SPECIAL GIRL: Dan, it's ME...from downstairs.
DAN: (to WiseGuy) WiseGuy, you a**hole!
WISEGUY: That worked out to be even funnier than I thought it would be.

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