Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Column tomorrow

New column tomorrow in the Journal. Hooray! It's on break-ups (not-hooray).

The week has been pretty good at the Comic Strip. Although the jokes that worked on Monday, didn't hold up on Wednesday, so we may be revisiting the drawing board.

I love the weather in Edmonton right now. The sun makes me happy. Other things that make me happy include: hamburgers, Skittles, Scrubs, good books, jokes that work, semi-colons, and kissing.

Just so you know.

Here's what's going on:

Upcoming Comedy

Thursday, August 2 - The Comic strip
Frday, August 3 - The Comic Strip
Saturday, August 4 - The Comic Strip
Sunday, August 5 - The Comic Strip
Monday, August 6 - The Comic Strip

Upcoming Writing
Friday, August 3 - The Breakup, Living Column Edmonton Journal

Check out headLINES and A Pair of Singles with Dawn Dumont at ed

IN other news...

Sure Shot Dombrowski Skates into Edmonton International Film Festival

Sure Shot Dombrowski,
has been accepted into the Edmonton International Film Festival 2007 where
we will launch its world premiere.
The festival runs from September 28 through October 6, 2007. For more
information about the festival, please visit

Check it out. The Russian Goal Judge has an awesome suit.

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