Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not much to report.

Living Articles in the Edmonton Journal
Friday, August 17 - The Big Sleep

I've been reading a lot of JONATHAN TROPPER's books lately. I really enjoy his writing: angst with happy endings--the best of both worlds, really.

Tomorrow I leave for San Francisco. I'm excited. This has been one of the tougher trips to get organized for; everything is taking longer and causing more trouble than any previous voyage, so I have a slight feeling of nameless dread. Bah! It will be fun. Maybe I'll go to Berkley and become a communist. They have a good music school there too.

Okay, clearly, I'm just rambling.

I've noticed whenever I have something moderately healthy to eat, I always feel compelled to announce to everyone around what I'm having: "I guess I"ll go eat my YOGURT now!" or "I'm going to grab my SALAD THAT I MADE MYSELF from the fridge." Of course, if I'm cheating and sneaking off for Pizza Pops I'll just say "I'll be back" (and not in an Arnold voice either).

Did I say rambling earlier? I need a nap.

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