Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Upcoming Comedy
Wednesday, August 1 - The Comic Strip
Thursday, August 2 - The Comic strip
Frday, August 3 - The Comic Strip
Saturday, August 4 - The Comic Strip
Sunday, August 5 - The Comic Strip
Monday, August 27 - The Comic Strip

Upcoming Writing
Check out headLINES and A Pair of Singles with Dawn Dumont at ed

-I just finished reading Porn-o-lo-gy, by Ayn Carrillo-Gailey . It's a really funny book about a woman accused of being a 'pornophobe's attempts to understand the world of adult entertainment. I highly recommend it.

-If you're in Edmonton for the Fringe, SEAN LECOMBER, ANDREW IWANYK, KELLY SOLODUKA, and LARS CALLIEOU are putting together a show called STAND UP STAND OUTS. They're all hilarious and they have very diverse styles, so there will definitely be something for anyone's taste in humour. For info check out www.fringetheatreadventures.ca.

-Looking forward the shows this weekend. Hope to see everyone there.

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