Tuesday, August 29, 2006


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Monday, September 4 - The Comic Strip (Edmonton)
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Friday, September 1 - Remembering Tom
Friday, September 15 - Getting By With a Little Help From...

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MPW Last Rites - Friday, September 1

Upcoming Short StoriesThe Girl Who Feared Lightning - Check www.blackgate.com for details.

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-Pretty cool night last night at the SIDETRACK. LARS and I filmed an interview with CITY TV along with a number of the other musicians about the Sidetrack's open mic. A lot of other comics came down including KATHLEEN, ANDREW, TRAVIS ROBINSON, the elusive SHAWN GRAMIAK and MAX MAULT. An attractive redhead even gave Max her number, which was awesome. It's nice to see the ladies discovering what the rest of us already knew: Max is the Man.

To the left (I hope) is a pic of the soon-to-be-Comedy Superstars from the night, plus Open Stage host Ben Spencer: (L to R: TRAVIS ROBINSON, SHAWN GRAMIAK, LARS CALLEIOU, KATHLEEN MCGEE, BEN SPENCER (in the back), DAN BRODRIBB, ANDREW IWANYK (bottom). Not Pictured: MAX MAULT--but he was gettin' lucky, so he's excused)

At the Fringe on Saturday, I saw Doug the PUsh-up guy. He's a street performer who does push-ups for money. It's actually kind of inspiring. And goes to show you can make a living doing anything.

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