Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Upcoming Comedy
Wednesday, August 9 - The Comic Strip
Monday, August 21 - The Comic Strip

Living Articles in the Journal
Friday, August 11 or 18 (TBA)

Upcoming Short StoriesThe Girl Who Feared Lightning - Check for details.

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-In today's EDMONTON JOURNAL, SCOTT MCKEEN wrote a column on none other than ANDREW IWANYK. Scott has written some good stuff in the past, including a piece on grown-up geeks that I really liked. It's also great to see Andrew getting more and more recognition. I performed with Andrew twice on Monday (once at the Comic Strip, once at the Sidetrack--to two vastly different crowd reactions) and he really is one of the hardest working comics out there. he has his own vision and refuses to give up on it. I really think he could make it in this business, so go check him out now so you can say you knew him back when...

-I finished work on the pilot for the Monster Pro Wrestling Madness Televsion show. It's tentatively scheduled to run Saturday, August 26 at midnight on Access (Channel 9) all across Alberta. MPW is planning their Alberta Ave. Show for the 26th as well, so you can go catch the show live, and then run home and see them on TV. It's a wrestling extravaganza! We're also going to do the post-production stuff for the Massacre show this week, so hopefully that will be out soon as well. Check out for the latest updates.

-Work continues apace on my various short stories. I'm very happy with my spelling.

-I might be at the Comic Strip this last weekend in August. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but check back to this blog or my site, and I'll let you know as soon as I have something confirmed.

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