Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Martial Art Wants You--Wait, Not YOU, Evan Inferno

In my last blog entry, I forgot to mention that there's a poll on asking who should be the new commissioner, and my alter-ego, "Martial" Art McNeil is on the ballot. My broadcast partner Ripper is also on the ballot, and while I have no doubt he will get more votes than me (I'm the Tubbs to his Crockett, the Jannetty to his Michaels, the Mick Mars to his Tommy Lee) , I'd like to keep the final tally respectable so we don't have to hear him crow about it all over the next DVD taping.

Remember, if elected I promise to take the focus off wrestling in MPW and on more "family friendly" sports entertainment: diva searches and washed-up gimmicks from the past. Wait, someone beat me to it. Okay, how about MPW Musical Theatre. Who wouldn't pay to see The HEATSEEKERS do Jazz Hands or hear HEAVY METAL sing 'I Feel Pretty.'

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