Friday, August 25, 2006


Upcoming Comedy
Monday, September 4 - The Comic Strip
Thursday, September 14 - The Comic Strip
Friday, September 15 - The Comic Strip
Saturday, September 16 - The Comic Strip
Sunday, September 17 - The Comic Strip

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Other Appearances
MPW Last Rites - Friday, September 1

Upcoming Short Stories
The Girl Who Feared Lightning - Check for details.

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Thanks to all who voted in the poll at Hopefully, they'll announce results at the next show, September 1

I finally finished the sequel to "...Lighting" as well as a couple more articles. I'm hoping for good things from them.

Interesting week at the Comic Strip. Monday was marred by a tough crowd. Nearly have the audience was from one group and they were more interested in socializing and being disruptive than watching the show. I felt bad for the other people who came to watch the performance. ANDREW IWANYK and Lars really laid into them, which I respect. Wednesday I was on a show headlined by Ric Bronson, and he did great despite being a little bit under the weather.

Unfortunately I fell asleep and missed Kamikaze Komedy with Lars and POWERMANN, which is disappointing because it featured The Ne'er Do Well's KERRY UNGER. They've got some great tunes. The myspace link for the Ne'er Do Wells is and Kamikaze Komedy is at

TOP SECRET PS: I've got a new writing project on the go, that I'm excited about...and maybe you can help. Keep an eye on this space for details

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