Monday, May 22, 2006

Brief Update

Upcoming Comedy
Wednesday, May 24 - Yuk Yuks
Thursday, May 25 - The Comic Strip
Friday, May 26 -The Comic Strip
Saturday, May 27 - The Comic Strip
Saturday, June 3 - The Comic Strip
Wednesday, June 7 - The Comic Strip
Sunday, June 11 - The Comic Strip
Thursday, June 15 - The Comic Strip
Friday, June 16 - The Comic Strip
Saturday, June 17 - The Comic Strip
Sunday, June 18 - The Comic Strip

Upcoming Writing
Living Articles in the Edmonton Journal - TBA

Articles at (viewer discretion advised for sexual content)
Thursday, May 25 - The Time I Couldn't Get It Up

Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every week in the Edmonton Journal's ed magazine supplement.

Other upcoming appearances
Friday, June 2 - MPW Fury (as 'Martial' Art McNeil)
Saturday, June 3 - MPW Aftermath (as 'Martial' Art McNeil) [POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER]

Wednesday, June 21 - Kamikaze Komedy Radio Edmonton (CJSR FM 88.5)Be Dan Brodribb's friend on myspace at

-Camp Wars was a lot of fun. It looks like the plan is to cut it together into a half-hour TV show, so I'll likely have to do more audio. Watching the boys get ready for the show, I was struck by how much passion CHI CHI CRUZ has for the business. He helps the younger guys with their matches, and always gives everything he has in his own matches, no matter how big or small the show. Afterwards, he's always looking for ways to improve in order to deliver the best possible show. He's been wrestling for 20 years and he still loves what he does. I find that really inspiring.

-I'm still not sure if my next Journal article is running this Friday or next Friday. Apparently there were some complications with the layout. My editor explained it to me, but it was like explaining chess to a goldfish. My job is to write the best articles I can and wear a clean shirt to the photo shoots. Everything else is up to her.

-Tomorrow my final article will go up on Josey Vogels' website. It's been a great experience, and I've really enjoyed hearing from people all over the country. I have mixed feelings about tomorrow's article. It's kind of embarassing, but I think it's also pretty funny. We'll see, I guess.

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