Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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-I got an e-mail from the publisher saying that Cold Flesh, the anthology of zombie stories including my story 'Glass Houses' is the second best-selling book in the history of the publisher. Hooray for all of us who contributed as well as the good folks at www.hellboundbooks.com who made our dream--or more precisely--our post-apocalyptic animated cadaver soaked nightmare--a reality.

-MPW Massacre was a great show with an eye-popping finish. I'll keep you posted on the upcoming DVD release. In the meantime the next show is MPW Aftermath on June 3 at the Alberta Ave. Community Hall. Ticket info is at www.monsterprowrestling.com. I've also heard rumors about taking the MPW show on the road next month. I'll keep you posted as details develop. In the meantime, MPW has their FREE show at their training facility, where the second round of the King of the Camp tournament will be underway.

-I expect my live appearances to slow down a little over the next couple months, as summer is the slow season for both wrestling and comedy. I'm planning to use that time to focus on my writing. I'm developing a sitcom as well as trying to get some more short stories and done and get some columns in the 'bank'.

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