Tuesday, June 06, 2006


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-Apologies to those expecting to see me on Saturday at The Comic Strip. There was a scheduling mishap. I went down anyway and caught a great set by DEZ REED. I love how spontaneous and unselfconscious Dez's performances are. He puts himself out there for you to either love or hate. And his Star Wars closer on the early show made me laugh until I cried.

-The Wetaskiwin MPW show went great. The guys who didn't bring merchandise wished they had. The guys who did bring merchandise, wish they'd brought more as most of them sold out (I've got to make a 'Martial' Art McNeil t-shirt). I think we've found ourselves a new market. Assault & Battery and the Heatseekers went thirty-five-plus minutes in stifling heat. All four guys were pretty tired out afterwards, but they did a heck of a job reminding the fans how exciting a properly executed tag match can be.

-Monday amateur night at the Strip was postponed for the week. The comics and staff closed down the club and watched the hockey game instead, which was it's own kind of fun, especially with the insightful hockey commentary of MAX MAULT. Too bad the Oilers lost.

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