Friday, June 23, 2006

For those of you...

...who are just here to see the results of the Great T-Shirt Battle (You'd have to read my most recent column for that last column to make sense) the results are in the second paragraph.

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Friday, July 7 - Pirates!!!
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-Last week, I was a guest on Lars and Powermann's Kamikaze Komedy on CJSR 88.5, and it was a lot of fun. They're on pretty late (midnight on Wednesday night-Thursday mornings), but I've been told they're having a super-sized episode on July 5 starting at 10pm, so check it out. They're an unlikely pairing but an entertaining one, and you might even learn something about the inner workings of the comedy business.

-I spent most of the weekend answering mail brought about from my latest column. It's great to hear from people. I write for myself, but it's gratifying to know that others are reading and enjoying. Thanks to everyone who wrote in; on the t-shirt poll, Captain Charisma defeated the Utah Jazz by a fairly wide margin. (71% were the final numbers in the Good Captain's favor)

-Monday I got an unexpected bit of stage time at the Strip. I've said this before, but I really, really, really love doing comedy. There's no feeling in the world like it. Some of the new guys are coming along really well, too. MATT LISAC may be starting to find his stride.

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