Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Upcoming Comedy
Wednesday, November 30 - Yuk Yuks (guest spot)
Sunday, December 11 - The Comic Strip (guest spot)
Sunday, December 18 - The Comic Strip (guest spot)
Thursday, January 5 - Yuk Yuks (middle)

-shot the photo art for my next three articles on Monday. I think we got some good stuff, especially for the Christmas shopping article on December 16th.

-My Saturday show went extremely well. Shallow person that I am, I measure a show by how many hugs I get from pretty female audience members...it was a Very Good Show. I'll be back at Yuks on Wednesday developing some new material--but don't let that stop you from coming. JOHN WING will be there, and since he doesn't come through a lot, he's worth checking out. He's a great writer and performer and I love watching. HOWIE MILLER will be MCing which is always a good time.

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