Thursday, November 10, 2005

You're a Rock Star...and your friend was pretty good too

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Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every Saturday in the Edmonton Journal's ed magazine supplement.

-Every once and a while in comedy, you do a show where everything goes right and you get to play Rock Star for a little while. I'm not one to toot my own horn (actually, I am, but in this case, TODD K. already did it for me. Check out the November 9 entry at for all the details. While you're there, check out his schedule and see when he's doing a show in your area next). I think I understand why comedians sell CDs after shows now. It isn't so much the money as you have an excuse to stand by the door as people are leaving so you can grub for compliments.

In his entry Todd talks about the "you were pretty good too" phenomenon, which has probably happened to everyone in showbiz at some point. It's when you're standing next to someone who did a fantastic job (Usually LARS, ANDREW IWANYK, or--more and more often it seems--KATHLEEN MCGEE) and people are coming telling them how great they are and then they kind of notice you and as an afterthought say, "Oh, yeah. you were pretty good too." I wonder if there's a column in this somewhere.

-headLINES will be posted shortly.

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