Saturday, November 26, 2005

Usually I use this space to shamelessly plug my writing and comedy. I'm a private person and I like to keep my personal life to myself. Having said that, one of the toughest challenges I face is the fact that my writing and comedy often forces me to dig into my insecurities and fears. Somebody once said 'happiness isn't funny.' I know for myself, my most succesful articles and jokes work because I'm letting myself be vulnerable.

Comedians, writers and show business personalities have a reputation as being troubled souls. Looking at the list of famous creative people who have struggled with depression or bipolar disorder, I guess there's some truth to that. And when you're constantly making yourself the butt of the joke, it's easy to let yourself start believing in those negative feelings that come up.

That's why those people who can keep a positive attitude are so awesome. Comics like LARS CALLIEOU and KERRY UNGER are two of my favorites for this. They recognize the place comedy has in their life, and while they love it, they also leave room for the other things that matter to them and refuse to let themselves dwell in negativity.

But here's something interesting:

For myself, I'm finding it largely a matter of attitude. One thing writing about my vulnerabilities has taught me, is that it's okay to be afraid or anxious or less-than-cool. I'm learning to accept the not-so-great parts of my personality, and weirdly enough, that makes me feel pretty good.

I like being positive. I try to make a conscious effort to focus on the good things in my life and the directions that I'm excited about exploring. But instead of trying to ignore the negative things in my life or pretend they aren't there, I'm learning to use them in a positive way--namely, making Mrs. Brodribb's handsome son rich and famous. Or at least moderately well-off and vaguely recognizable.

I've got a show tonight to get ready for. Hope to see you there (I knew I could get a plug in, if I just tried).


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