Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dawn and Dan Go To A Strip Club and Pass Judgement on Naked Women

Those of you who read Pair of Singles regularly know how funny my co-writer Dawn Dumont is (and if you don't, head on over to read our latest article here.

But some of our funniest moments, no one will no about, because they don't get written down.

Last night, we took the Slayer to a strip club to celebrate her last night in town (it was her idea. My opinion of most strip clubs is already well documented. Here and here are a couple of examples.

That's where we learned that Dawn and I have very different tastes in our exotic dancers. Which would be fine except that it turned into a running argument that lasted into the wee hours of the morning as we deconstructed the strippers the way we look at comedy sets.

These lines probably won't be funny to everyone because they use some comedy insider terms. Also, you kind of had to be there--we were getting pretty into our arguments.

Here are some samples--not word for word, but you'll get the idea.

DAN: My stripper is killing.
DAWN: That's because my stripper warmed up the crowd. Besides, I bet she's been doing the same act for years. I saw that same pole move on TV five years ago.
DAN: She's athletic. She's got great stage presence.
DAWN: So you're saying she's the Dane Cook of strippers. My stripper is in it from the art. She doesn't have to resort to cheap pole tricks.
DAN: Your stripper is a hack. I was surprised she didn't ask if by applause there are any married people in the crowd tonight.
DAWN: Yeah, but how good would your stripper be doing if she wasn't selling posters. She's a prop act.
DAN: At least she stuck to her time. Yours was out there forever. The other strippers were in the back muttering to each other.

The capper though was when Dawn actuall overheard a stripper say.
STRIPPER: I'm going to try some new stuff tonight.
DAWN (through tears of laughter): Yeah, they seem like a good crowd.
DAN: Try one new bit and if the crowd's on board, keep going.
DAWN: She's brave, trying new stuff on a weekend. I would have worked it out on a Monday show first.
DAN: Yeah, but there's a pretty strong headliner following her.

You get the idea.

I'm hosting at The Comic Strip on Monday. See everybody there.

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