Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things You Only Hear in Bars (Part 3) Plus BONUS Fun Songs

Just a quick version as I'm off to Montreal.

RANDOM WOMAN: I've matured. I don't f*** guys in bathrooms anymore.

Fun Song #1

WOMAN: I can't dance.
DAN: Can't is a four-letter word.
WOMAN: No it's not. Can't is a FIVE letter word. C-A-N-T-E...can't.
DAN: It's a good thing you're pretty.

Fun Song #2

DRUNK GUY #1: I'm T-Mac!
DRUNK GUY #2: I'm T-Roy.
DAN: So, which of you is T-Bag?
DRUNK #1: Yeahhhh, T-Bag! You're T-Bag!
DAN: I don't want to be T-Bag. Can't I be T-Bone?
DAN: I wish I hadn't said anything.

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