Saturday, May 10, 2008

If you don't like wrestling (or basketball) you might as well not read this entry

Went to the Monster Pro Wrestling show last night. Four things of note.

1 - They have a new 'submissions division' that uses a system of rounds and is more MMA in style. WILLY SAINT and TAYLOR STONE {I think--someone may have to correct me on the name) were the first to show what they could do with the new rules and it was really cool.

2 - A new heel named Tyler debuted. Great stuff. He got the heel heat of the night. Everyone hated him.

3 - Speaking of heels...the most hated man in MPW history, Steve Rivers actually wrestled is match as a babyface. It was bizarro world seeing people cheer him. I've never seen a crowd get behind him before.

The interesting thing was, there was no 'storyline' reason for people to get behind Rivers, which made it more amazing to me. He didn't save any of the other babyfaces or redeem himself. He just went out there and wrestled a 'good guy style' and people bought it.

It makes me respect Rivers that much more. Watching him also made me realize that there is more to being a good guy or bad guy than just telling the fans you're a good guy or bad guy. So much of it comes through in your body language and facial expressions. Though I've never been in the ring, I've heard lots of wrestlers talk about what a good worker Steve is, but as a fan what sets him a part is the way he can use his face and body language to get across his personality and the story of a match.

4 - Also, El Nino wrestled his last match tonight, working through a blown-out knee. El Nino has been a part of MPW since I started watching it, and though he was rarely in the main event spot, his dedication was a huge part of MPW.

I will miss him.

On an unrelated note, I'm also really enjoying the Spurs-Hornets NBA playoff series. I've always loved the way San Antonio plays as a team. I hadn't seen New Orleans play, and I'm impressed. They're for real.

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