Saturday, April 12, 2008

Memo to Self

Absinthe mixed with energy drinks tastes great, but it's not a good idea. Not only was I unable to sleep after, I didn't even get to enjoy hallucinations. Stupid fake-absinthe.

Went out last night with PRETTYBOY, BUBBA and a guy I'll call FERGIE. PrettyBoy is cool. He's also my fashion saviour. He lent me a belt to wear to keep my pants from falling down and reminded me that apparently, you're supposed to get your entire face when you shave. The most embarassing part is, it isn't the first time.

When I'm famous, I'm definitely going to make, leaving your right jawline unshaven the new trend.

You ever hear the expression "We leave no man behind?"

Last night, every man got left behind. The rest of the crew got picked off like characters in a horror movie: Bubba stayed behind to talk to the DJ; Fergie managed to vanish into the phantom zone between the stairs leading to the coat check and the club exit; and the last I saw of PrettyBoy, he was running down Jasper Avenue towards an after hours club with his blazer flapping behind him.

Good times.

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