Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back From Vancouver

Upcoming Comedy
Wednesday, February 21 - Yuk Yuks, Great Canadian Laugh-Off
Monday, February 26 - The Comic Strip

Upcoming Writing
Living Articles in the Edmonton Journal
Sunday, February 11 - Valentine's Day

A Pair of Singles (with Dawn Dumont) in ed magazine
Saturday, February 3 - Kissing on the First Date
Saturday, February 10 - Valentine's Day
Saturday, February 17 - Bar Stars

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The Great Canadian Laugh-Off is underway. I will be performing February 21 at Yuks along with a number of other hopefuls. These contests usually provide great shows since there are always some good acts on the bill. I believe my night also features KERRY UNGER and TODD K, so come down and vote for your favorite. At the end of the night two of us will advance to the finals. Part of the decision is based on audience vote, so if you're interested in coming down, let me know and I'll see how many people I can hook up on my guest list.

Vancouver was phenomenal. In addition to performing at Yuks, I got a spot at Lafflines Comedy Club (Thanks to DAVID TSONOS for hooking me up with the number). Both shows were great. I also really enjoyed meeting some of the Vancouver comics (and one Calgarian on vacation). If I tried to name them, I'd probably forget someone and feel bad about it, but they know who they are. Thanks for making me feel welcome, guys.

Now that I'm back, I realized just how much work I have coming up. More headLINEs, more photo shoots, more articles with Dawn, more prep work for the Writing course...more stress, but also more fun. I never knew life could get this good.

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