Tuesday, April 25, 2006


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Saturday, April 29 - Legion, Red Deer
Wednesday, May 10 - The Comic Strip
Sunday, May 14 - The Comic Strip

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Articles at www.joseyvogels.com (viewer discretion advised for sexual content)May 4 - Sex is BoringMay 11 - Strippers
May 18 - Fantasy Island
May 25 - (Title TBA)

Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every week in the Edmonton Journal's ed magazine supplement.

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-For those of you wondering why my column didn't run today in the Journal, it's becaue GRAHAM ANDREWS will be using the space for a four part feature on mental health. It's some powerful writing, so do check it out.

-If you're looking for something to do, check out the local comedy amateur nights: Hit or Miss Mondays at THE COMIC STRIP or proam night Wednesdays at YUK YUKS Both are extremely affordable and give you a chance to see not only new talent develop, but you can also watch established vets work out new material.

Had a great time after the Comic Strip amateur night Monday night hanging out with some comedy buddies: Shawn Gramiak, Max Mault, Kelly Soloduka, Don Campbell, Bill Gee, and various attractive (and a couple drunk) women. Hope I didn't forget anyone. It was lots of fun. Max Mault is one of the funniest humans alive. Plus, he seems to think I'm funny and that's good for the ego. Shawn Gramiak knows lots of cool words too. As a writer, you gots to give respect for that.

-WEdnesday at Yuk Yuks I had my first 'request.' It was flattering that people know me well enough that they now my jokes and want to hear them again. Or maybe it just means I'm overplaoying Yuks. Either way, it was pretty cool.

The next MPW show--Massacre--is Saturday, May 6 at the Alberta Ave. Community hall. If you come down, be sure to say hi before the show or at intermission. I'll be in the at the Canadian Broadcast Table, calling the action.

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