Monday, April 24, 2006

Update (EDITED)

Upcoming Comedy
Saturday, April 29 - Legion, Red Deer
Wednesday, May 10 - The Comic Strip

Sunday, May 14 - The Comic Strip

Upcoming Writing

Living Articles in the Edmonton Journal
May articles TBA

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May 4 - Sex is Boring
May 11 - Strippers
May 18 - Fantasy Island
May 25 - (Title TBA)

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-Had a good set Sunday at Yuk Yuks. It was new material night, and I didn't have much written. The MC, LARRY VASEO[sp?] suggested I go up and talk about my day. I'm one of those guys who prefers to write, edit and polish jokes before I take them up, but Sunday, I actually felt confident enough to give it a try. That's the whole point of comedy--to keep pushing yourself to develop. Okay, maybe the point is a network deal and a sitcom, but the development thing is a close second.

-Here are some pictures that KATHLEEN MCGEE was kind enough to send me. The first is from the Friday night fundraiser for the Distress Line. I'm really proud of the comics that came out to help me for this cause. They're great people and great friends as well as great comics. The show went well despite a late start caused by the Oilers game going into overtime (comedy has always been at the mercy of sports. Home games tend to drop attendance at comedy clubs and bar shows with televisions often mean we can't start til the game is done.)

Distress Line Fundraiser (L to R): Andrew Iwanyk, Powermann, Roxanne S. (event organizer), Dan Brodribb, Lars Callieou, Kathleen McGee. Not pictured: Todd K.

-This one is Me, Lars, Kathleen, and Andrew Iwanyk at...I think it's Prism. Realistically though, it could be any one of what feels like a million places--Hill 426 of open mic Viet Nam. No one who hasn't been there can hope to understand it. It's just you and your buddies, trying to make it out alive. But the bonds you do forge are really something special, and I'm glad to have these memories to share with them once we all achieve our dreams and these turn into 'the good old days.'

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