Friday, December 16, 2005

pre Christmas Update

Upcoming Comedy
Thursday, January 5 - Yuk Yuks
Upcoming writin
Friday, January 30 - New Year's Resolutions, the Edmonton Journal

Happy Holidays Everyone! I wish everyone and their families all the best.

-And what goes with Christmas better than zombies? All this week I'll be answering questions in the forums at about my short story "Glass Houses." Where can I get a copy of "Glass Houses" I hear you ask? Why it's available in the anthology "Cold Flesh, which you can purchase on line at

-I had the pleasure of meeting a woman named CARISSA REINIGER after the show on Sunday. Not only is she the president of a company called Silver Lining (, along with Sarah Hutchison and Karen Henderson, she's edited a book called STORIES FROM OUR BLACK BOOKS, a compilation of stories from Canadian women who have played the dating game. LARS bought a copy, partially to learn female dating secrets, but more likely to see how many of the stories have his name in them. Still it looks great, and if you're looking for a gift for a mom, sister, girfriend, etc. check out for more.

-I hooked a couple of women at my day job on the 'whacky-mole' game at I deserve a finder's fee. Or at least have my picture in the Memory Game.

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