Saturday, December 10, 2005


-Congratuations to MARK SALAMANDICK and LARS CALLIEOU for making the semi-finals in the Corner Gas comedy competition. It's always fantastic to see things starting together for guys you've worked with and admire. Mark is part of a writing group I frequent along with J.P FOURNIER, SHAWN GRAMIAK, and TODD K (speaking of Todd, I finally broke my old high-score of 50 on the memory game on his website at I'm told Mark and J.P. also recently recorded sets for XM radio, so that's another feather in their cap. As far as Lars goes, I can't keep up with all the things he's doing these days. He recently showcased for Just For Laughs, so their may be some Montreal in his future. Check out Mark and Lars' sets in the Comic Genius section of

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