Tuesday, September 13, 2005

September 13 Updates

Saturday, September 24 - Yuk Yuks (guest spot, 8:00pm show)
Sunday, September 25 - The Comic Strip (unpaid guest spot)

-Confessions of the Hugging Impaired- Friday, September 16 in the Life Section of the Edmonton Journal
-Dan Brodribb's short story 'Tyrannosaurus Al' will be appearing in the Fall issue of Storyteller Magazine (www.storytellermagazine.com)
-Another short story, "Glass Houses" is available in the anthology 'Cold Flesh' which you can pick up at www.hellboundbooks.com or visit the 'Cold Flesh' website at http://www.exit66.net/cold.htm
-Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every Saturday in the Edmonton Journal's ed magazine

-I've got an article in the Edmonton Journal this Friday on being hugging-impaired (If you don't know me, this may mean nothing to you, but to anyone who knows me, this should make perfect sense.There's some pictures with the article and due to an illness the person playing my sister in the articles is in fact--my sister. Although I write about my family a lot, I usually like to respect their privacy as much as possible as far as keeping them out of the public eye by not using their names or printing pictures of them. This Friday will mark an exception to that rule...collector's take note--this could be your only chance to see an actual member of my family in a an article.

-Yuk Yuks is celebrating their 20th anniversary next week. MIKE MCDONALD will be headlining. I've been given a guest spot on the Saturday 8:00pm show, and I'm thrilled to be sharing the stage with a legend in Canadian comedy. (Note: Due to a change in the way Yuk Yuks is scheduling guest spots, I might be able to post a lot of the dates for my guest appearances more than a day or two in advance. Of course, that might change if my legions of loyal fans start phoning the Yuks offices at 481-9857 (481-YUKS) and demanding to know the next appearance of Mrs. Brodribb's handsome first-born son. Not that I'm recommending it or anything. In the words of SEAN LECOMBRE: "That would be gauche.")

-'Tyrannosaurus Al' will be appearing in the Fall issue of Storyteller (www.storytellermagazine.com/). Keep an eye on this space or check out their website for details.

-SHORT NOTICE DEPARTMENT: There's a benefit happening at the Edmonton Yuk Yuks for comedian STAN THOMSON, who was stabbed out east in Ontario. I don't know Stan, but I do know that for five dollars, you can see some of the best pro comics in Western Canada including as well as give money to a good cause. There will be another benefit on September 28 for the victims of hurricane Katrina, also featuring some of Yuks finest. For details on both these events take a look at the Yuk Yuks website at www.edmontonyuks.com


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