Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Decision/Bad Decision

I sometimes feel sorry for people who drive.

Walking home from the gig last night, I came across a church in Calgary called St. Mary's...which looked gorgeous under the moon. I never would have seen it had I not walked the 80 blocks from the show to the hotel.

I also would not have had the walk-in-the-dark-with-no-sidewalk-into-oncoming-traffic-on-a-six-lane-street experience, but a quick fence hop later, and things were fine. Except I was in a graveyard. No zombies, sadly.

I also seem to have a nose for finding comedy gigs. Partway into my walk to the Broken CIty show, I found the Comedy Cave two blocks from my hotel (doh!). On the way back, I came across the Elbow River Casino which hosts a Yuk Yuks show.

Walking a place really helps you get to know it better. The only downside is overpasses and fatigue--which leads to bad decisions.

It's been a busy weekend. I hosted a wrestling show Saturday, headed down to Calgary Sunday, did the show Monday, and have a conference presentation today. I DID miss Karaoke though--got back to the hotel too late.

I've learned over the weekend I have a game I like to play called Good Decision/Bad Decision. Basically what you do is you deliberately make choices that put you in a tough spot and then try and figure your way out in a way that minimizes the consequences.

The best part about the game is it's fun for people on both ends of the self-esteem spectrum because you can play the game as a way of building self-reliance or as a subtle form of self-sabotage.

Happy Playing!

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Poetry of Flesh said...

I do love the Animaniac's "Good Idea/Bad Idea" bits. You should try some and report back. ;P