Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Roses Have Thorns They Say

Anybody who spends time with me knows I'm a fan of music nobody my age should still listen to. Most of the time, the lyrics to these songs are pretty stupid, but sometimes they surprise you. The Pussycat Dolls have occaisionally hit on some pretty interesting relationship dynamics. The lyrics to Rihanna's Disturbia, would cause many a Buddhist to smile and nod knowingly.

One song I've been thinking about recently is Lady Gaga's Just Dance. Is it a party anthem celebrating the power of music? Or is it about desperation and self-reassurance in the face of overwhelming evidence that you are making very bad lifestyle choices?

As someone who works in show business, I see a lot of partying, and there seem to be two types of people who do it. There are the kind who party because they enjoy it, and there are the people that do it to run from something else.

So which type is Lady Gaga singing about?

To me, the pivotal line is in the chorus: "Gonna be okay."

Does she really believe it? Or is she trying to convince herself?

To quote James Ball: "Discuss. Groups of five."

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