Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dan Gets A Piercing

I got my eyebrow pierced on Monday. It was an impulse mutilation.

I was curious as to how they would do it. A laser? A hole-punch? Nope. Just a big-ass needle through the eyeball like a Japanese horror movie.

Reminds me of the story of my first piercing.

When I was a teenager, I snuck out of my house to a house party. In a moment of drunken ingenuity, some of the folks there decided to pierce their own nipples. They decided to practice on my ear using a needle and ice cube.

The piercing was a success (I'm glad they did my ear BEFORE the nipple attempts), but they didn't want to use any of the alcohol to disinfect the wound so they poured aftershave on it instead.

I went home and--afraid of waking everyone up--went downstairs and turned the television on. My plan was to pretend I fell asleep downstairs watching television.

Which would have been a fine plan...if I fell asleep in front of the televsion and then a frat party broke in, spilled beer and aftershave all over me and then pierced my ear.

I never claimed to be a jeenius.

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