Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why Comedy Is Better Live

There is a reason live comedy is so cool. It's because anything can happen.

Like last night, for example.

A regular audience member went up on stage and proposed to his girlfriend. It was a very special moment...although it makes me wonder if instead of having "Our Song," this couple has "Our Joke" now: "Every time Richard Lett does his Woman-hater bit I get misty eyed.". I also wonder since the show ran long, if that's a good omen for a happy marriage.

Either way it was pretty cool. Personally I'm cheering for that couple because a) they come regularly to shows and support us and b) because they dig zombies. Any friend of the living dead is a friend of mine.

Back to my point...

A lot of people form opinions on comedy primarily from TV, DVDs or YouTube videos. I really think that comedy is best in a live environment because of those happy accidents. A DVD or television special is edited and cut together and sweetened with canned laughter. It's professional, but also very sterile.

It might be funny, but it isn't as memorable as say--the power going out in the nightclub leaving the headlining comic performing with no lights and microphone (I've seen this happen, thought not to me. Of course there are people out there who say my shows would be a lot better if they couldn't see or hear me).

Similarly, every live show is different because every crowd brings a different energy. It's what makes each time on stage so interesting.

That's why I'm excited about (not to mention nervous about)tonight's show. It's Andrew Iwanyk's monthly show at the Strip. The reason I like performing on Andrew's shows is Andrew pushes me to do something I would never do under normal circumstances. It's a challenge as a performer and it's also a lot of fun. Not only that, I usually learn from the experience.

Speaking of shows, here's my upcoming schedule. If you drop by, make sure to come say hi. Some people don't like bothering comics after a show, but I say go ahead and bother me. Makes me feel like a star and I never get tired of that.

Have a great week.

Upcoming Comedy
Tuesday, February 10 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Saturday, February 14 - PRIVATE FUNCTION - Smith, Alberta
Tuesday, February 17 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Wednesday, February 18 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Friday, February 20 - PRIVATE FUNCTION - Beaumont, Alberta
Saturday, February 21 - PRIVATE FUNCTION - Edmonton
Sunday, February 22 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton


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