Friday, August 29, 2008

I Can Lead A Nation With A Microphone

I am driving my co-workers crazy playing Handlebars by the Flo-Bots, over and over again.

It isn't just the tune...although I really like that quite a bit. A lot of the song's appeal is that I relate to its message.

Sort of.

The song is overtly political, and asides from watching the U.S. Presidential race, I'm not a political guy.

But to me, the song isn't so much about politics is it is about the desire for MORE.

When I hear the words I think of someone who isn't happy with what they have, who thinks they'll be satisfied once they get the next thing...and of course they never are.

Certainly, I see it a lot in the entertainment business. I feel that way too. I would love to have my words read or heard influence a lot of people's lives, to "lead a nation with a microphone."

When you start in comedy, all you want is a spot on a show. Then you start looking for paid spots. Then you aren't happy unless you're MCing or headlining or on TV or...

It never stops.

Of course, this isn't exclusive to comedy. Some of us seem to be born with that gene, that drive to achieve--in life, relationships, careers--that strand in our DNA that keeps crying out (as my favorite line in the song goes): "Look at me/Look at ME!"

It's okay to want those things. It's okay to be ambitious, to have dreams, and pursue them. But it's equally important to appreciate what you have.

Wanting stuff is okay. Needing stuff to be complete is another matter entirely.

In the meantime, I'm happy to be on the show.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some co-workers to drive crazy.

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