Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hard Work and Moustache Update

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Went to the final open mic at the Riverside Pub in St. Albert last night. It's a tough room, but a good time. I'm osrry to see it go. I owe a lot to my nights at the Riverside. There were nights I wouldn't even want to go because I knew what a challenge it would be, but every night I went up, I was glad I did. LARS and I were talking about this phenomenon yesterday. The good rooms are fun, but the rough ones are satisfying. In the words of the legendary Arn Anderson: "Adversity introduces a man to himself."

One of the most rewarding things about comedy is that it is one of those things where working hard pays off. Onstage, at least, it really is a meritocracy. The people who make that extra effort to show up and hone their craft seperate themselves from the pack. For myself, I notice. When I'm lazy on stage or don't put the effort in to hit open mics, it shows in my act. But when I dedicate myself and challenge myself I see measurable improvement.

I am also seeing signs of growth on my moustache, but over all it is not encouraging. This may have been a mistake.

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The latest Pair of Singles is up. Check it out here.

I'm performing at The Comic Strip tonight. Show starts at 8pm, so come check it out.

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