Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Duck Duck Bang

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--Tuesday night I got to do a show at the Strip. AFterwards I ended up chatting with a couple from Fort McMurray who came to see the show. It's always interesting to get perspective from someone outside of the business. Once you've been doing comedy for awhile, you lose some of your objectivity, so it can be really helpful to hear things from the point of view of a fan. Valuable stuff.

--I saw Duck Duck Bang on Sunday. I know the woman who did the set design and costumes, so it was neat to see her personality shine through in some of it. She also wrote the lyrics to some of the songs and I kept listening trying to see if I could pin down which lyrics were hers.

The show itself was awesome. I especially liked the aerialists. I was just astonished at how much body control they had and the way they could wrap themselves up in these ropes and stuff. I can't explain it. You would have to see it to believe it. It was also kind of funny during the wire work, looking up into the rafters (or whatever you call them) and seeing the crew running around like madmen pulling ropes to make the actors 'fly.'

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